Business opportunities

November 11th, 2010


Whitstable Harbour offers a unique location for new businesses. Not only is the harbour itself capable of handling vessels up to 95 metres, but there are also facilities for light ship repair and maintenance, and an active fishing industry.

The harbour is also developing as a popular tourist attraction both on and off the water. The sailing barge ‘Greta’ offers exciting sea trips, and other passenger vessels such as the ‘Balmoral’ and the paddle steamer ‘Waverley’ regularly visit the port.

Based at the heart of thriving and renowned Whitstable, the harbour is an attractive location particularly for marine based businesses.  If you are considering re-locating and have a viable business plan, please email to be based in this thriving location.

FLIP Interreg Channel Programme bid submitted with partners for decision 11 April 2013.  For a summary of the bid see – FLIP bid summary

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