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November 1st, 2010

Whitstable Harbour is a tidal port and its activities are strongly influenced by this as the harbour basin dries out at low tide.

The tidal range (the difference in height between high and low tides) varies from around eight feet on neap tides and fifteen feet on spring tides. The incoming (flow) tide flows from east to west (towards the River Swale) and the outgoing (ebb) tide from west to east (towards Herne Bay). At mid-tide the water can be flowing at up to three knots.

The prevailing winds from the south west or north east blow across the harbour mouth and this combination of wind and tide, not to mention the mud flats to the west of the harbour and the Street shingle bank to the east, make entering and leaving the harbour a matter of skill and judgement, particularly for the skippers of larger vessels.

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