Port tariffs

Canterbury City Council, being the Harbour Authority of Whitstable Harbour, has determined, by virtue of the powers conferred upon them under Section 26 of the Harbours Act 1964, that the dues and fees payable at Whitstable Harbour in respect of ships, goods and services provided shall from 1 April 2018 be as follows:

2018/19 charges

Description Charge
Dues for ships when cargo is discharged £0.45 per tonne of cargo
Dues for ships not discharging cargo £0.45 per ship GT

Fishing vessels and commercial work boats

Description Charge
Annual dues – permanent berth £139 per metre LOA
Visiting craft per day £80
Visiting fishing vessels per month, or part of £52 per metre LOA
Visiting commercial work boats Price on application

Cargo wharfage

Description Charge
Stone £0.73 per tonne
Type 1 aggregrate £0.45 per tonne


Description Charge
Pilotage fee £200 per act
Pilot boat £150 per voyage
Ships navigating under PEC £30 per voyage

Vessel and plant hire

Description Charge
Harbour launch £150 per hour or part thereof
Fork lift £60 per hour or part thereof

Linesman services

Description Charge
Provision of linesman to secure ships lines £108 per linesman

Fuel sales

Description Charge
Fuel oil – permanent berth holder £0.04 per litre added to fuel purchase price
Fuel oil – visiting commercial craft £0.06 per litre added to fuel purchase price
Fuel fob £20


Description Charge
South Quay shed £25 per bay per week
General storage – fishing gear, boats, trailers etc. £1.75 per square metre, per week


Description Charge
Business parking permits £102 per permit, per annum




Published: Tuesday 18 June

Work on redeveloping Whitstable Harbour’s south quay shed has stepped up a gear.

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Published: Friday 12 April

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