Beach huts

Enjoy your own slice of the harbour

How would you like to rent your very own beach hut?

Ideally located on the Long Beach, immediately to the east of the harbour basin, beach huts have been provided by the Harbour Board for rent since 2005.

They have been a feature of the Whitstable shoreline for over a century and bring a distinctive vibrancy to the seafront. To echo this, the harbour beach huts have been painted in a variety of colours and offer individuals and families an ideal base from which to enjoy not only the beach, but everything else that our amazing town and harbour have to offer.

Huts are available on annual tenancies.

Rent costs

  • Front row – £1894.00 per year
  • Rear row – £1327.00 per year
  • Double hut – £1766.00 per year

If you’re interested in a hut, please contact us on 01227 274 086 or at



Harbour Board Meeting

Published: Wednesday 12 April

If you would like to come along, the details are here.

Harbour Day 5 August

Published: Thursday 16 February

Harbour Day is on for summer. Take a look for more details.



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