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November 1st, 2010

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2015 Whitstable Harbour Open Day will take place on Saturday 15th August.

2015 Whitstable Barge Match will take place on Saturday 15th August.

The 2015 Annual Public Meeting will take place at 7pm on Thursday 15 October in St Alphege CE Infant School, on Whitstable High Street.


Harbour chosen as Windfarm Support Base – 15th September 2014

The continuing success of Whitstable Harbour has been given a boost with the news that the port has been chosen as a support base for the Kentish Flats windfarm extension.  Windfarm operators Vattenfall have received permission to add an extra 15 turbines to the existing 30 constructed in 2005, six miles off Whitstable.  Work is already underway to install water and electricity connections, set up lighting and perimeter fencing and install workshops, offices, stores and canteen units on the west quay compound, ready for the contract to start on Wednesday 1 October.

Chairman of Whitstable Harbour Board, Cllr Pat Todd, said: “We will also generate income for the harbour for the support vessels involved in the contract and a levy on the fuel the boats consume and there will be job creation for on-site labour.  In addition, we are using a local contractor to install the water, electricity and services connections and will be using a local supplier to provide the office and workstation units. Once work gets underway there will also be all the usual economic benefits such as taxis, hotels and catering associated with the workforce.”

Vattenfall’s Project Director for the Kentish Flats Extension, Matthew Green, said: “Vattenfall are delighted that Whitstable Harbour will be used as a base for construction of the extension to Kentish Flats. We want our contractors to maximise local business opportunities so this is very positive news indeed.  Vattenfall’s existing offshore windfarm has had an excellent working relationship with the harbour and its staff and we look forward to continuing this throughout the Kentish Flats Extension project.”

Whitstable Harbour operates a ring-fenced account, meaning financial surpluses generated can only be used within the harbour itself – with the largest expenditure being the ongoing, multi-million pound quay replacement programme to maintain the structural integrity of the port well into the future.

Thank you from Whitstable Biennale – June 2014

Mike Wier, Harbour Master, received some wonderful feedback from the organisers of the Whitstable Biennale recently.  These sort of comments are great to hear and help to demonstrate the work done by harbour staff to support activity in and around the harbour.

“We’ve had great audience numbers, great feedback, great press coverage, and we feel that it was our best festival yet.   We couldn’t do it without the help of the Harbour, and you and Glyn have been such an enormous help and support to the Biennale. It was great to be able to site Laura Wilson’s work in the Harbour – and for her to be able to to film on the Pluto, I know it has meant a lot to her. It was also great to be able to stage the experimental music event in the South Quay Boatshed on the opening night. And all of your help with the Ships event was absolutely key to it being able to happen, and to make it a success. It was a great finale to this year’s festival, and we’ve had so many positive comments back from people.”  Sue Jones, Director, Whitstable Biennale

No increase in port marine charges for Whitstable Harbour – April 2014

At a board meeting earlier in the year Whitstable Harbour Board were pleased to support a recommendation from the Harbour Master that all fees and charges for port marine services are not increased in the current financial year.

The setting of fees and charges is always a delicate balance between being mindful of current market trends and trading conditions and generating sufficient resources to manage a safe and viable harbour environment.

Cllr Pat Todd, chair of Whitstable Harbour Board, said “Whitstable is, first and foremost, a working harbour and the board takes its responsibilities toward supporting the working aspects of the harbour very seriously.  We hope that this freeze in port charges will help harbour users and their businesses, and help ensure their sustainability.”

Kentish Flats wind farm extension

Follow the link to find out more.

Whitstable Harbour press statement (Oct 2013)

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